Memory Jar For iOS and Android

Memory Jar allows you to capture the special moments throughout the year, and organize them for easy viewing. Create memories of special events with photos, text, tags and locations. Compile slideshows with your memories and music from your library, or just view a Year In Review. Backup your memories via DropBox and share them with others through Facebook or Twitter.

With Memory Jar, you can build a yearly slideshow for each member of your family and relive their special moments. Keep those special firsts for a new baby, remember your children's sports victories, create a slideshow chronicle of your engagement to view at your wedding reception... Memory Jar is the solution for anything you want to remember.

Memory Jar is great for parents to capture:
  • Each milestone of the pregnancy (from finding out your pregnant, to the first kick and to giving birth)
  • All those big "firsts" in your child's life (first steps, words, teeth, etc.)
  • Each of your child's special art projects (colorings, paintings, school projects, etc.)
  • Memories from your family vacations
  • Birthdays, holidays and any other special occasions
At the end of the year, watch a slideshow with your family to remember all those special memories.

Getting married? Use Memory Jar to capture:
  • The moment you told your families and friends
  • All the events of your engagement (trying food, cakes, etc.)
  • When you asked your best friend to stand up in the wedding
  • The many dresses you tried on
  • The bridal shower
  • The bachelor/bachelorette party
  • The memories from your honeymoon
Then, on each wedding anniversary, sit together and watch the slideshow of all the hard work and planning you put into your special day.

Friends and roommates can use it to save their fun and crazy happenings. Laugh out loud the next year, while you reflect back on all the fun times you had together.

The possibilities for Memory Jar are endless!

For a full list of features and to learn more about Memory Jar, visit us on the web at

Get over to Google Play or Apple's App Store, download Memory Jar and start capturing your family's memories today!  

Note: Some features are currently available for iOS only.  Be sure to read the description on your device's market.

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